Timeline for Postcards with Mailwalks

One question that comes up frequently is what is the timeline for postcards with mailwalks?  

The short answer is you will need at least a week or 6 business days to fully complete the process in the best case scenario.

Why so long?  I'll break down the process below, I think you'll be surprised at how many steps it actually takes!

Step 1: Create the Design - once the photos and MLS information is available to us we can create a postcard proof.  The MLS number doesn't have to be ready, but if it isn't the client needs to provide various details like comments, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and size.  If we already have a template for you we can usually get a proof ready the same day everything is available.  If we don't have a template, we'll need to create one from scratch, if we already have your design files from a feature sheet it's pretty quick but if this is your first design product with us it could take some time.  We'll need to gather your headshot, logo, company logo and information and any other branding elements you would like to incorporate and fit it into either a 1/2 page or 1/3 page layout.  

Step 2: Revisions - we'll wait for you to review the proof and send us any changes you need made to it.  2 complimentary revisions are included.  Our ability to make timely revisions largely depends on when our clients have the time to review the file and get back to us.  If we send a proof at 10am and they respond at 11am, we can get the changes done quickly, if they wait until 4:30pm when we're signing off for the day, revisions might not get done until the next business day.

Step 3: Approval with mail walk documentation - the postcard is ready to go! You'll need to email a confirmation and send us the mail walk documentation.  It will include 2 pieces the Container Label and Statement of Mailing which we need to send direct to Canada Post.

Step 4: Sending to Staples - once we've received your approval, we'll send the file to the printer.  Monday through Friday if you approve before 2:30pm we'll have time to send to the printer before the print cut-off. Files submitted after the print cut-off are printed the following evening.

Step 5: Postcard is printed, bundled, boxed, labelled - All of our orders submitted by the print cut-off are printed at the Staples hub each evening, bundled into 100 pieces, boxed with 10 bundles, labelled and then ready to be picked up in the morning.

Step 6: Courier pick-up at Printer - The courier will come the next business day to pick-up the postcards.

Step 7: Courier drop-off at Canada Post-  The courier will either drop off the postcards the same day as they picked-up or the following day depending on their route and schedule.

Step 8: Postcards arrive at Canada Post - Canada post will accept the package and documentation and it will be sorted at Canada post. Sorting can take 1-2 business days.

Step 9: Postcards are given to the mail carrier - Mail carrier will deliver the postcards along their route, each mail walk route takes 3 business days to be completed.


So what does this all mean in a real time line?  Lets take a look.


Wednesday the 2nd:

  • Photos are taken
  • Floor plan is measured 

Thursday the 3rd:

  • Photos are ready
  • Floorplan is ready
  • MLS or Listing information is available or provided
  • Design team creates the proof from existing template

Friday the 4th:

  • Revisions
  • Client responds promptly before 2:30pm that the postcard is approved and sends us the mailwalk documentation
  • We upload the postcard before the print-cutoff
  • Staples prints postcards

Monday the 7th:

  • Staples bundles, boxes and labels postcards
  • (BC) Pick-up by courier - courier will pick-up postcards and take 1-2 days to deliver to Canada Post
  • (ON) Drop-off at Canada Post

Tuesday the 8th:

  • (BC) Courier drops off postcards
  • (ON) Internal Canada Post delivery
  • Canada Post sorts postcards

Wednesday the 9th:

  • Mail walk Day 1 - Mail carriers need 3 days to complete each mailwalk route.

Thursday the 10th:

  • Mail walk Day 2

Friday the 11th:

  • Mail walk Day 3



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