Client Supplied Feature Sheet Orders

For clients with existing feature sheet templates...

We can create a feature sheet for you even if you didn't have your listing photos done through SeeVirtual. The cost for a "Client Supplied Feature Sheet" is $55 and does NOT include any complimentary prints. Standard paper prints cost $1.10/ copy. 

To create your Client Supplied Feature Sheet, we need the highest resolution images possible. Feel free to send them in & can advise whether or not they are good enough quality for print purposes. But, please remember that the final approval responsibility is on you.


For clients without existing feature sheet templates...

If you have never ordered a feature sheet from us before, we'll have to set up a new template for you. Please see the "New Design Template Orders (Feature Sheets & Postcards) - Includes Pricing & Examples" Help Center Article for more info.

Once you have the new template set up, the rest of the process is the same as above.

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