Uploading Photos and Links to MLS Via Paragon


SeeVirtual is happy to offer complimentary board uploads with all of our base packages. Occasionally  the system used to transfer these files experiences technical delays or interruptions, in which case it's best to access your listing personally and attach the photos manually via Paragon. Please find the links below for adding both your photos and link to MLS. 


SeeVirtual does not have direct access to Paragon as we are not Realtors and it is against the board guidelines for Realtors to share their login information with us. The following instructions are courtesy of the FVREB, the site you see upon logging in may appear differently than the images below, if any of the instructions are greatly inaccurate please don't hesitate to let us know so we can update the documentation. 



Adding Photos, Photo Labels and Editing Photos in Paragon 

  1. Once Logged into Paragon (linked here), from the top Menu bar select Listings and under the sub-menu of Maintain, choose Listings.

  2. The screen will refresh and show you all of YOUR active listings.

    Note: Only the listing agent will be able to maintain listings. If you are co-listing a property and are listed as agent #2 you will NOT be able to see or maintain listings in this screen.

  3. From the list of properties, select the property you wish to edit. Once you know which property you are dealing with, in the Action column on the right hand side, click on the Select an Action link in line with that property.                                                                                     Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.22.06_AM.png
  4. A new window will pop up in Paragon. Select Picture Administration. Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.22.58_AM.png
  5. A new window will open featuring the Picture Administration view. Click Upload Multiple Photos.
  6. For quick instructions on uploading photos, refer to the instructions to the right hand side of the screen. To begin the upload process, click the Browse button at the bottom of the screen. Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.24.50_AM.png
  7. The new window that pops-up will allow you to navigate to the folder where your photos are saved. You can select 1 to 40 pictures all at once for uploading to Paragon. Click Upload when you’ve selected the appropriate photos. Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.25.22_AM.png
  8. The file names of the photos selected will now show in Paragon. You can remove any from the list by clicking the red “X” button or click Browse to include more. When you are satisfied with the photos in the list, click the Upload button.     Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.26.02_AM.png
  9. Uploading progress is indicated by a blue bar for each photo in the list. Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.26.53_AM.png
  10. After each picture has been successfully uploaded, you will see the status has been changed to Complete.                                                                  Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.27.16_AM.png
  11. Once all the photos are completely uploaded, this Photo Upload window will automatically close and return to the Picture Administration view.


Editing Uploaded Photos in Paragon

12. From the Picture Administration view, you will see a series of icons above each image.

a.The first icon allows you to replace an image. If an image was uploaded incorrectly or you wish to change it at a later date, use this selection.


Once you have selected this option a new window will open allowing you to replace this specific individual photo.

  • Select Browse.
  • Browse to where the image is saved on your system.
  • Select the image and hit Upload.
  • This one image has now been replaced.     Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.32.38_AM.png

b. The second icon allows you to rotate and/or crop images.


Once you have selected this option a new window will open. Select the Rotate icons to rotate 90 degrees in either direction. Selecting the Crop icon will allow you to draw a box around the area of the photo you wish to keep. Once done, click Save and those changes will be reflected immediately within Paragon.


c.The third icon is a selection box that allows you to select specific photos you wish to Delete



Check the boxes for the photos you wish to delete, then click the Delete button. If you wish to delete all images, click the Check All button, then click the Delete button. Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.34.39_AM.png

d. The Add Label link allows you to add a label and a description to your photo.


Once you have selected this option, a new window will open called Photo Label. Add the Label by typing in the room name or clicking the magnifying glass to search for the room name. You can also add a Description to a maximum of 255 characters. Click Save. Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.35.30_AM.png

Your photo label and description will display with your image. Screen_Shot_2022-08-13_at_2.35.49_AM.png


Adding your Multi-media links in Paragon

When adding or editing a listing in Paragon, there are 3 field options to enter a link which will display information on the public sites. These fields are under Marketing Instructions in the Input Maintenance window of Paragon. The remaining fields do not flow to any sites.




Sites that display the links:

Virtual Tour URL - display on and

Property Brochure URL - displays on

Alt Feature Sheet URL - displays on


Icons displaying the link on


Virtual Tour URL



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