Top Tips for Getting Reviews


Top 4 Tips for Getting Client Reviews


As an agent, online reviews are one of the top ways to increase & convert referrals as well as improve your ranking organically (without the need for expensive advertising). Sometimes the process of actually getting and asking for those client reviews feels really tough even when we know how integral they are.


We’ve coached a lot of clients through the process of getting client reviews (even when they started from zero!). Read on to find out our top tips to make it easy…


#1  Reach Out & Just Call 

Make the request feel personal. Whether it’s a client you just completed a sale for, or one you helped into their first home two years ago, pick up the phone and give them a call. Holidays and anniversaries are great reasons to reach out and check in. Then, once you get them on the phone, let them know you’ll be sending a review request and ask if they’d mind helping you out.

#2  Be Open About The Process

It’s ok to ask for help - most of us love giving it, and your clients will more than likely feel the same. Ask them if they mind helping you out to build up your online reviews. If you’ve followed step one and have them on the phone, asking them and getting them to verbally say yes makes it much more likely they’ll follow through when you email them the link!


#3  Make It Easy!

Make sure it’s super easy for your clients to follow through on their promise. Email them a clear link to your profile on the platform they’re comfortable reviewing you on (a system that gives them options is best as not everyone has a Google or Facebook account). If they have to search to find you, or spend time trying to figure out how to review you, they'll give up and it won't happen. 

Tip: If you’re signed up for our 5-Star Business Presence & Reputation Building service, we provide you with custom branded links to some of the top sites for reviews!


#4  Close The Loop

Wait a couple of days and send a friendly follow-up text if they haven't submitted their review yet. Then, close the loop once they DO provide you a review and thank them! A lot of our clients will send a small gift card or thank you card to reinforce how much the review means. That way, your client will also be likely to remember you when their coworker, brother-in-law, neighbour or that over-friendly stranger at the market starts talking about how great you were and recommend you!



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