Your Custom Branded Review Link - How It Works

Your Custom Branded Link makes it simpler and easier to get ratings and reviews from your clients (simpler for them to access your profiles to review you, and easier for you to collect more reviews!)

Understanding Review Link Ratings from 1-10

The first page of the link asks your client to rate you from 1-10. Depending on the rating, different information will pop up to the client…

  • Ratings of 9-10 = “Promoters” - will be asked to rate and share their experience working with you on either
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Yellow Pages

**Note, we can change which sites are shown depending on where you want to get more reviews. For those that don't have a Google or Facebook account, we recommend Yellow Pages as they only need an email address.

  • Ratings of 8 or Below will be asked to submit feedback direct to you first

This way you'll have a chance to address any negative feedback, and hopefully turn them into "promoters" and later ask for a public review on one of the sites. 

**To prevent you getting banned from "gating" (which means you only show links or sites to those who will give you a good review, we still must show the links but we word it to wait for you to reach out first. And because they've given internal feedback already, they'll be less likely to do it)


Action Step: Add Your Review Link to Your Email Signature

We also recommend adding this link to your email signature with a call to action like "Please Rate Your Experience with me, each and every time". 

This will capture feedback even before the deals are complete, or when communicating with non clients. It can generate some "bonus" reviews and also alert you to when someone may not be having a good experience so you are aware and can be proactive sooner if you choose.


Your Review Link Activity Results (How Often Is it Clicked?)

** Once you start sending out your link, you'll be able to see the number of clicks in your 5-Star Dashboard as well as which of the public review sites clients have visited!

The results from anyone that uses/clicks your custom tracking link will be found in your monthly Reputation report under the "Get Reviews" tab. If you need your access password or can’t find it,, just get in touch with us!


Review Goals For Maximum Impact

Getting you past 20 reviews should be your goal. From our experience, it seems that at about 30 and above is where we've consistently heard from clients that organic exposure increases to people looking in the area and they start reaching out.

Another option to accelerate that, is spending money on Google ads to promote your business profile (not your website) to those looking for your services in your area. It should be very focused on specific keywords - not everything related to Real Estate as that could get very expensive. For example, we wouldn't recommend starting to compete on keywords for listing searches "Homes for Sale in ______" or "MLS Listings". To start, focus on those looking for Realtors or Real Estate Agents in your area. This is something we can set up and help manage if that is of interest to you.


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