Who Am I Supposed to Talk to at SeeVirtual?

Our experienced team of experts are here to help make you look good, and with our expanding Team of experts we made a quick reference guide to our departments and corresponding team members. Whether you are new to SeeVirtual, or a long time client, when you need a quick answer about your listing or have a specific question please reference the chart below to help streamline you towards the correct department and person who can assist you best! 

At SeeVirtual we always strive to give you our best price and our best customer service. If you are not familiar with our process, here is a brief overview: 

  • First is making sure you have selected the correct product for your current listing and needs of your clients. 
  • After that our Sales Team then enters the Order Information and passes that over to our excellent team of technicians. 
  • Depending on the number of technicians needed for the Order, the photographers and floor plan techs will coordinate their schedules, with your preferred date and time in mind, and then one of them will contact you to book you in. 
  • Once the Field Team completes the work our Processing Team begins to edit the images and label accordingly. 
    • If you have order a print product, such as Feature Sheets, at this time our Design Team will reach out to you to begin preparing your Template and work with you to finalize the product before sending it to print. 
  • Once everything has been processed our Tours Department will coordinate the uploads and posting you require and will send you an email with all the images and corresponding links.

If you have any question please reach out to any of our team members, but please expect to be contacted by the individuals in each department accordingly. 


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