Client Login and Password

SeeVirtual clients may have a variety of logins and passwords to access various functions such as their tour pages, invoices and orders.  

1) Tour Page or Administrative Login
The tour page login allows you to access your SeeVirtual tour pages - you can update a variety of the tour information fields like the title, comments and price and also view your weekly visitation stats.

To access this page go to, click the Login Button at the bottom.

Once you've logged in, you can view your various listings using the drop down menu and also update your personal contact info and/or photo.

2) Fortapay/Infusionsoft
This site will allow you to review your current balance, invoices and subscriptions and is also where you can update your current billing information.

You can access your SeeVirtual accounts online by going to:
Fortapay Link

If you've never logged into the sites before or if the password becomes inactive, a SeeVirtual staff member will need to create a login and password for you.

3) Storefront
This site will allow you to peruse and order SeeVirtual products online.

You can access the Storefront by going to:  Storefront



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