Ordering a MailWalk via Canada Post (Updated August 2023)

The process of ordering a Mailwalk via Canada Post can seem complicated the first time you do it, but once you've done it once, it's pretty quick!

To assist you through the process, we've put together this article, along with some tutorial videos.

Before you continue, please ask your brokerage if they provide any assistance with Canada Post Mailwalk orders. It is recommended to ask them because typically larger brokerages (such as HomeLife, RE/MAX, Sutton, Royal LePage etc) will have a brokerage rate with Canada Post that is much better than what is offered to the general public. Bonus: most of the time, your brokerage office admin will be able to do the whole ordering process for you! So, you can avoid the headache of placing it yourself.

However, if your brokerage does not have a Canada Post account/ discounted rate, please continue to see how to order it all yourself :)

If you need any additional assistance while ordering your mailwalk, please call the Canada Post Commercial Help line at 1-800-260-7678.  Press 1 for English.  Type in your 10 digit customer number. Press 5 for Commercial Products.  Press 2 for Assistance with Precision Targeter.


TUTORIAL VIDEO (Ordering a Mailwalk WITHOUT your Brokerage):



TUTORIAL VIDEO (Ordering a Mailwalk WITH your Brokerage):

  • Bonus: You most likely won't have to follow this video because your brokerage will probably complete all of this on your behalf! But, it's here in case you need it.


The number of steps below may look long and complicated... but once you have the first order down, it will be much smoother moving forward - we promise :)

Getting Started

  1. Go the Canada Post website:
  2. Log into your Canada Post account- if this is your first time, you'll have to create a new user account. (Make Sure to create a Small Business Account.) I highly recommend that you Login first - sometimes Precision Targeter does not record your choices if you login later/ midway through the process and you might need to start over from the beginning!
  3. Click on 'Tools' in the top menu bar
  4. Select 'Precision Targeter'
  5. Select 'Create your Neighbourhood MailTM campaign with an interactive map'- make sure to check off the 'Terms & Conditions' box too
  6. Finally, click Get Started.
  7. Don't worry if it takes forever to load, this is normal.
  8. Click 'Start New Mailing' once it loads


  1. Describe your mail piece
    • The mail piece is Standard
    • Leave the default weight of 30 grams
  2. Choose your mailing date
    • Select 'When I drop it off' (this is the date the postcards will be dropped off at Canada Post by Staples). To be safe, the date should be 1-2 days POSTDATED  in case you aren't sending the documents to SeeVirtual immediately. 
  3. Set the costs of your mailing
    • Optional: Select 'Set your Budget Limit' if you’re unsure about the total postcard count/ price.
    • IMPORTANT: Make Sure to check off the option to 'Include Transportation fees'.
    • Select 'Taxes' & 'BC'
  4. Click Continue.


  1. Choose your target listing type.  The window will open with ALL options selected, we recommend deselecting all items that are not your main focus group:
    • We suggest unchecking businesses (unless you are targeting commercial sales)
    • If selling a House, you'll probably want to uncheck Apartments and Farms
    • If selling an Apartment, you'll probably want to uncheck Houses and Farms
  2. Filter by Demographics - a target audience can be selected using the 3 Categories to narrow down the audience of who will receive your postcards. As this depends on your preference and type of listing we leave this to your discretion.
  3. Click Continue


  1. Select 'Custom', add in the address of your listing and select 'Continue'
  2. A map will then appear of the target area.  
  3. Imagine the area of the map you would like the Mailwalk to cover. You are going to draw a box around that area. Start by clicking once on the map to set a starting point, then click to set the other 3 corners of the desired area. Double click to confirm the purple box. This purple box is now the selected area & it will give you a quote on how much it will cost. 
  4. The purple code (eg.SS0001) associated with the area is the selected mailing route code.
  5. The total number of mail pieces can be very high or very low depending on the area you've selected and the mailing routes that touch that area.  High-rise apartment buildings can have hundreds of units in a very small area while rural farms might contain just a couple.  
    • Please keep in mind that you must do the entire walk, it cannot be selected in parts and pieces, if you do not have enough cards to complete the mail walk the postal walker will arbitrarily pick which addresses in the mail walk area the postcards are delivered to. The target area you selected is only a rough selection that is refined by the actual routes of the postal walk.
  6. When the approximate number of pieces and/or cost is to your satisfaction, select 'Place Order'.
  7. It will prompt you to 'Create a Mailing Name' for the order - use the listing address and either 'Just Listed' or 'Just Sold' to help distinguish this order from others you do in the same area in the future.
  8. Save your Mailing


  1. Configure Deposit
    • Mailing and Timing have already been entered.
    • Deposit Location: An optimized deposit location will automatically be generated. DO NOT USE THIS ONE! Staples has recently (August 2023) changed some things on their end regarding drop off locations. Again, DO NOT go with the automatically generated Canada Post drop off location. You'll need to manually choose the 'Coquitlam Main Station' at 1450 Hartley Ave Coquitlam, BC V3K 7A1 as the drop off location.
    • Click 'Continue'.
  2. Configure Preparation
    1. Containers: Select 'Customer Supplied Boxes & add 18 x 11 x 4.5 inches' (this is the size of the box typically supplied by Staples)
    2. Bundling: Enter mail piece dimensions. Length and Width.
      • 1/2 Page postcard is 5.5 x 8.5 inches
      • 1/3 Page Postcard is 3.5 x 8.5 inches
    3. Next to the Optimize button, Click 'Configure Manually'
      • 100 pieces per bundle
      • 10 bundles per container
    4. Click 'Apply' and it will update with the Delivery Installation, Pieces and Containers
    5. Select 'Continue'
  3. Payment Method
    • Enter your Credit Card Info and Click 'Continue'
  4. Place Order
    • It will give a summary of your order, check over one last time and click 'Place Order'
  5. Your order is now successfully completed!
  6. Go to 'Print' and select the 'Statement of Mailing' and 'Container Label' - this should start an automatic download of the 2 files as pdfs.
  7. Please rename the files as: Listing Address - Statement of Mailing and Listing Address - Container Label e.g "123 Anywhere St Vancouver - Statement of Mailing.pdf"
  8. Send these two PDF files to us in a reply to you Postcard thread so we can process the Mailwalk order on your behalf.

And, that's it! Next, time you'll be a whiz at ordering a Mailwalk :)

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