Ordering a Postal Walk via your Brokerage

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Here is how to order a mail walk with Canada post using your brokerage link to get the nationally negotiate rate your broker has. This example is using the Homelife Brokerage company website. You will have to login to your brokerage's company site to access your company's special brokerage link, but it should be quite similar. 

Before reading through the steps below, you can watch this video walking you through the entire process: 

Brokerage Site

  1. Go to your brokerage website and login
  2. Find the Canada Post Program
  3. Open the website link - this will Redirect you to a Canada Post Website which is consistent across brokerages.

Canada Post Brokerage Interface

Page 1

  1. Enter the first three characters of the postal code (this defines the delivery area for Canada Post)
  2. Click on the green box: Find delivery area counts and maps. 
  3. Click Delivery Area Counts and Maps
  4. The Default mailing date will apply > Click Continue
  5. Type in the first 3 letters of the postal code in the search bar at the top, then click the magnifying glass.  This will bring up the various postal walks in that area.
  6. Click the Map Icon (located to the right of the 3 letter postal area) to open up the map pdf.
  7. Zoom into the map and you will see the various postal routes each designated by a unique colour and letter number sequence eg. LC0047
  8. Make note of the postal walks you would like to include (save their names) and close the window
  9. Back on the Precision Targeter Page, you can review the postal walks - the number of residential units in each postal walk is listed in the subsequent columns categorized as Houses, Apartments and Farms.
  10. Go back to Create my Order on Canada Post website (called Electronic Shipping Tools Page in your browser tab)
  11. Title of Mail Piece - enter the listing address
  12. Choose deposit date 2 business days from current date
  13. Householder Counts should be the Consumer's choice
  14. Size of the Mailing is Standard
  15. Each item is less then 50 grams
  16. Enter your contact information, click Next Step.
  17. A warning will come up regarding your deposit date, click OK

Page 2

  1. The Postal Delivery Outlet will be the one closest to the postal code area (selecting this will reduce the delivery costs).
  2. Make sure "I will Drop-off my mailing at the Postal Delivery Outlet indicated above." is selected.
  3. Select the type of property you want to target (eg. Houses for a home, Apartments for a Condo.)
  4. Open the list of Walks in your area code by clicking on the plus sign next to the area code.
  5. Select the postal walks you noted earlier.  Once you have selected the walks, they will highlight and tally the total number of pieces.
  6. Number of Items per bundle = 100
  7. Number of bundles per container = 10
  8. Container Type is customer supplied
  9. The number of containers to be be dropped off will change depending on the number of postcards ordered.
  10. Click Next Step

Page 3

  1. It will open up a table with a summary of your order.
  2. Click to agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Click Place Order

Page 4

  1. Your order has now been placed with Canada Post
  2. Save the Statement of Mailing and Container Label to your desktop and note the drop-off location. *Make sure you don't have pop-ups blocked, clicking the documents opens a new window!
  3. Rename the documents with the listing address "-" (dash) Statement of Mailing, and listing address "-" (dash) Container label. Example:
    • 123 128th Street - Statement of Mailing.pdf
    • 123 128th Street - Container label.pdf
  4. Send these 2 pdf documents and the drop off location along with your approval of the postcard design to SeeVirtual 


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