Feature Sheet Print & Delivery (Courier) Timeline - Pre-Covid 19

When can I expect my printed feature sheets?

We structure our Feature Sheet service as a digital Print-Ready PDF service, so if you need printed copies sooner, you already have the print-ready file that can be taken to any printer you want (Staples, your office, etc) so you've got copies for when you need them. The file includes the cut & bleed marks. We are not trying to lock you in to printing through us.

Please note, we CANNOT guarantee the printer & delivery times, so use the worst case scenario (see below) when planning for your open house or communicating with your clients if you are counting on the complimentary printed feature sheets or extra printed copies you ordered. This way, if they arrive on time or sooner, you have what you need and look good in the eyes of your clients, but if not, you don't look bad and have a back-up print option in place prior to your open house.


If your Feature Sheet PDF order is an add-on to Virtual Tour or Photography package that we did, then we have a free option to get 20 copies printed & delivered. 


Printer Timeline

Note: Our new printer does not offer pick-up at the print facility. Click here to see pick-up and delivery options.

The printer will have Feature Sheets printed by the end of next business day (IF we've received your approval and had a chance to send it to them for their 3:00pm cut-off). It is often done sooner, but it depends on the size of their current print queue, the time of day they receive this project, and when they can add it to the queue. (i.e. they will not stop a huge print run to print off 20 copies and on occasion a machine can also go down and need repair.)


Delivery (Courier) Timeline

Once the printer has completed the print job and you are not choosing the next day pick-up option at your closest Staples, they arrange the courier. The courier comes the following business day and is a next business day delivery after they pick-up from the printer with a 2:00pm cut-off. Anything later pushes it out an extra business day.

The courier does NOT deliver on weekends or holidays. So if the printer has it printed, cut, scored, and folded and orders the courier before 2:00pm, it will be delivered the next business day. Otherwise it will be delivered the following (+2) business day. Next Day in-store pick-up at your closest Staples is an option and includes Saturday pick-up in the Lower Mainland of BC.


Worst Case Scenario: +4 Business Days

We see your approval and send it to the printer after 3:00pm which means the printer doesn't see it until the next business day (+1). The printer has a huge print run going on which means they don't get to it until after 2:00pm courier cut-off (+2). They arrange the courier for 2:00pm the next day (+3) which means the courier is not delivering until the next business day (+4). So it can be up to 4 business days later which means if there is a weekend or holiday in between, you'll need to add those days in as well


  1. Monday - You approve but not seen and sent by us to the printer until the end of the day
  2. Tuesday - Printer sees the project but can't get to it that day (+1)
  3. Wednesday - Printer prints project but after 2:00pm courier cut-off (+2)
  4. Thursday - Courier picks it up at 2:00pm for next business day delivery (+3)
  5. Friday - Courier delivers your Feature Sheets at 5:00pm (+4)


Best Case Scenario: Next Business Day

We see your approval first thing in the morning and are able to send it to the printer right away. The printer sees the project immediately and adds it to the print queue right then. It gets printed, then cut, then scored, then folded one step after the other without delay. The courier is arranged immediately after and just happens to be in the area or doing another pickup. The next day, the courier happens to be doing another delivery and drops the package off the next day after you approved it. Or you can go with the Next Day in-store pick-up at your closest Staples.



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