What Size Package Should I Order?

I want to order a tour and floor plan.  Which package should I order?

Seevirtual offers 5 tour packages with floor plans (High End versions available). The best rate depends on the size of the home.  You don't have to get the next size up. We simply charge for the remaining sq/ft.

  • Condo + 1000 sq/ft (Best value up to 1400 sq/ft) 9¢ for additional sq/ft 
  • Home + 2000 sq/ft (Best value between 1400 sq/ft and 3100 sq/ft) 9¢ for additional sq/ft 
  • Executive + 3500 sq/ft (Best value between 3100 sq/ft and 4750 sq/ft) 8¢ for additional sq/ft 
  • Estate + 5000 sq/ft (Best value over 4750 sq/ft) 7¢ for additional sq/ft 
  • 20 Stills + 2000 sq/ft  9¢ for additional sq/ft



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